Business blouses - who is the most beautiful in the whole office

Many women like to wear blouses in their everyday work. Blouses are so multifaceted and changeable that they can be worn from formal to casual, depending on the workplace. Blouses go well with jeans, slacks and skirts - they can be easily combined to create a variety of business outfits. It is important that the blouse looks appealing, is comfortable to wear and is made of pleasant and easy-care materials. There is a wide variety of blouse designs to choose from. These differ in the shape of the cut, the color or in the neckline and collar shapes. From the formal shirt blouse to the tunic, everything is represented. The cup-shaped collar in particular gives business blouses an individual look. Formal blouses should dress their wearers well, regardless of their professional field, and enable them to appear confident and chic throughout the working day. The tailored business blouse in a slim-fit is equipped with a stretch fabric that ensures a great figure. If you don't like it so figure-hugging, choose the modern-fit blouses. These two blouse models are enhanced by contrasting pipings and fabrics on the inside of the collar and cuffs. Thanks to these little individual accents, the blouse becomes an eyecatcher among business looks.

Casual blouses - confident and stylish, no matter what

Blouses are an everyday companion and indispensable in our wardrobes. Hardly any other item of clothing is as variable as the blouse itself. Whether dotted, striped or checked, the choice of patterns seems limitless. From the floral summer tunic to the paisley blouse, these are true styling wonders. In a romantic look with ruffles for a girls' evening or in a trendy strapless design in a bar. Blouses can be used to put together a wide variety of outfits that make us look good in all situations. A blouse can be worn alone in many different styles. The white blouse is the ultimate fashion classic. If you combine it with a pencil skirt, you get a perfect business look. But if you combine it with jeans and a leather jacket, you get a completely new casual look for after work. A single blouse model can be worn by different women in so many different styles. They are available with long sleeves, with puff sleeves, with short sleeves and from floral print to plain colors. Fashionistas know about the unlimited potential of this garment. The blouse is the perfect all-rounder in the fashion world.

Festive blouses - find the right outfit for every invitation

What could be better than dressing up nicely for a special occasion. If you want to attract everyone's attention with your outfit, you should grab a blouse, because this makes the solemn look elegant and graceful. With flowing fabrics and attractive fits, blouses can be worn wonderfully at parties and festive events. Become an eye-catcher by combining an elegant blouse with stylish tight jeans or a charming skirt. Shimmering materials and aesthetic necklines give your outfit a particularly festive character. Or show something of your back by wearing a classy blouse with a low back. Blouses offer many variants to skilfully stage yourself at celebrations.