The white shirt - the big brother of every white vest

The most classic of all shirts is the white shirt. It used to be a status symbol and whoever wore it showed the world that he was not doing any physical work. The white shirt was the it-piece of elegant outerwear. In addition to the plain-colored classic, it was very difficult for patterned shirts to achieve their current popularity, because at first it was assumed that striped or plaid shirts retouched stains. The sparkling white look was preferred for a long time. But today there are men's shirts in all kinds of designs. Whether a lumberjack shirt or business shirt, whether a stand-up collar or a folding collar, everyone can find a suitable outfit from trendy to classy. Although not much has changed in the original cut of the men's shirt since then, the colors, designs, materials and even the buttons have become so diverse that the white shirt has got a whole wardrobe full of competitors. But nobody can take away its title of the timeless classic!

The casual shirt – every mother-in-law's dream or just perfectly dressed

With a pleasant cut and perfect style, a casual shirt is the right piece of clothing for every occasion. Who does not know the problem - the constant consideration of which outfit is the best on the first date or at the new workplace. The answer is very easy, it's the casual shirt. Whether sporty and elegant or timelessly chic, the leisure shirt really sets the scene for its wearer. There is such a large selection of colors, patterns, cuts and collar shapes, that everyone can find the shirt that suits them best. With a casual shirt, the shirt comes to the fore and it is not covered by a tie. With the right color and the right collar, you can emphasize your own advantages. How it works? Quite simply: if you were born with a big head, you should avoid shirts with small collars and rather pay attention to larger collars. If you have a particularly round face, you can optically narrow it with a longer collar and it also works the other way around. If you have a narrow face, you can counteract this with a spread collar. Fantastic, isn't it? How we can positively influence the contour of our face only through the shirt collar. Now we just have to pay attention to the right choice of color! No other detail in our clothing influences our first impression more than the color. The face should be surrounded by shades that strengthen its expressiveness and make it look good. You can find out how to do this in our gentleman's guide. But one thing in advance. In clothing, the choice and contrast of colors should be similar to the colors and contrasts of our faces. And last but not least, there are those of us who wear casual shirts to send out a message. So the fashion must-have of grunge was the flannel shirt.

Business shirts - no monotony despite the dress code

At first sight, the outfits in the dress code of the business world are very similar. But even here you can stand out from the gray mass of business fashion with subtle details. With unobtrusive accents, even formal men's shirts become real eye-catchers. By incorporating small, sophisticated highlights, the men's business shirts stand out from the uniform business fashion. In this way, fine, detailed variations on the plain shirts can be created very easily with sewn-in contrast fabrics on the inside of the collar or cuff. A contrasting band in the collar seam or the button placket creates a restrained, individual shade that gives the formal shirt that certain something. In the area of men's outerwear, the button placket offers a multitude of stylish variations. Either the buttons or the buttonholes can be in a slight color contrast to the shirt color. Or a contrasting fabric on the inside of the button placket enables the shirt wearer to create a completely new look with a slightly opened shirt. The use of combination cuffs also helps the shirt wearer to wear more variations. This cuff has an additional buttonhole between the two buttons for width adjustment so that the shirts can also be worn with cufflinks. The compatibility of menstyle and business fashion is possible!